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3 Haitian Organizations I Support and Why You Should Too

I am passionate about leveraging my networks and resources to help increase awareness and support for the great work that local organizations are doing in Haiti. One of the ways I do this is by promoting their mission and programs in my personal and professional spaces. I also leverage my skillset to provide pro-bono services when needed, such as digital marketing assistance or event planning. My goal is to ensure that these organizations have the visibility they need to be successful in our community.

Being an ambassador and/or board member also allowed me to gain a better understanding of the challenges they face when it comes to fundraising, volunteer engagement, and public relations.

I am proud that I can use my skills and networks to make a difference in local organizations, and I look forward to continuing this work in the future. These 3 organizations are near and dear to my heart, and I encourage you to check them out and see how you can get involved.

1. Progress & Development (PRODEV HAITI)

PRODEV’s mission is to develop and manage strong curricula to sustain a network of high-standard community-driven schools. EDUCATION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION

PRODEV implements its projects with the conviction that all children deserve access to high-quality education, regardless of their means, and that better education advances a community’s quality of life. PRODEV’s schools are free and provide students with a cereal bar and a hot lunch so as not to discriminate based on income. PRODEV also tailors its programs to students’ particular needs; for example, it offers transitional classes for older students who have been out of school to complete their elementary education and catch up to their grade level.

My role and Why I support

I became a PRODEV broad member in 2018. I'm proud to be part of such great organization because education is a key part of success. PRODEV brings education opportunities to young haitians who wouldn't otherwise have access, giving them the chance to succeed in life and make a difference in society. With PRODEV, I am helping more people gain the skills and knowledge needed to reach their potential. And you can do the same. Education is an essential part of creating a better Haiti for everyone. With your donation, education opportunities are being opened up for many individuals who need it most.

2. Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP)

HELP’s mission is to create, through merit and needs based scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who will promote a more just society in Haiti.

We envision a Haiti where every Haitian has access to quality education, the opportunity to live up to his or her potential, and the ability to contribute to a just and prosperous society.

HELP’s educational empowerment program offers poor but bright young Haitians full university scholarships in Haiti, as well as a robust curriculum of English, IT, and Citizenship & Leadership. The program launches students on a trajectory of service to Haiti that begins the day they start at HELP, and continues as they pursue careers that position them to contribute to their communities.

My role and Why I support

Through Chokarella I used to support HELP every year to help them reach more people for the admission program. I became a board member in 2020 because I'm inspired by the work the organization is doing in Haiti. I strongly believe education is a powerful tool that can be used to transform communities and countries. By providing access to quality education, we are giving young Haitians the opportunity to fulfill their potential and build prosperous futures for themselves and their families.. HELP scholarships make education possible for students who would otherwise not have access or the financial means to pursue higher education. With these scholarships, students gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications they need to become more independent and economically empowered individuals, which in turn has a positive impact on their communities as a whole. Donating to education initiatives like these is an investment in Haiti’s future.

3. Groupe de Support Contre le Cancer (GSCC)

The GSCC is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1999 by women who had been affected personally by cancer or through their loved ones. They wanted to give back and share what they experienced.

With three objectives:

1) Raising awareness about cancers among Haitians;

2) Establishing networks between patients, families & professional caregivers

3) Facilitating early detection & treatment options for disadvantaged patients.

My role and Why I support

I became the first and so far only ambassador for GSCC because I've been a huge supporter of the organization for quite sometime now. GSCC is doing amazing work to help fight cancer in Haiti. What sets them apart is their focus on prevention and early detection. It's really important to focus on preventing cancer in the first place. GSCC is working everyday by providing screenings and education to people in Haiti. As someone who has lost a loved one (DORISCA) to cancer, I know first hand the devastation that the disease can cause. I am proud to be an ambassador and helping GSCC in making a difference in the lives of those affected by Cancer in Haiti.

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