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Carel Pedre is one of Haiti's most respected and well-known media personalities with over 25 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards and recognition for his work as an influencer and trailblazer in the media field. He has been a prominent figure in the Haitian media landscape for many years.

Born and raised in Port-de-Paix, Haiti, Carel began his career in media at a young age, working as a radio host and producer in his hometown. After he moved to Port-au-Prince, Carel joined Radio Planet Kreyol, then Radio ONE, where he quickly became the station's most popular host. He gained a reputation for his charismatic and engaging style and informative content. In 2007, Carel rose to prominence as the host of Digicel Stars, Haiti's top TV show and talent contest, and helped to showcase the talent and creativity of the country's rising stars. He also hosted Ayiti Deploge, Digicel Entrepreneur de l'Année, "Kiyes Ki Toro?" 


In 2010, Carel became known internationally for his coverage of the 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti. As the country was cut off from the outside world, Carel was able to find a scarce internet connection and send a message to news outlets around the world, informing them of the situation in Haiti. As a result, he was dubbed "The Eye of Haiti" and "The Host with the Big Heart" by the French press and received the 2010 Humanitarian Shorty Award and the "Change Maker Award" for his exceptional coverage.


Carel was also the artistic director of Soley Sound, the record label that launched the careers of Belo and Tifane. It produced and distributed successful albums such as Nickenson Prud'homme and Jude Jean's first solo albums, Alo Haiti and Soley Sound Systems.


Carel is the mastermind behind several innovative initiatives, including PleziKanaval, the source for all news and updates surrounding Haiti's carnival. With PleziKanaval, Carel has revolutionized how Haiti's carnival was presented to the world. As a result, the Haitian community and the rest of the world participated in the event in a way they never could.


Carel has proven himself as a pioneer in the digital media field. He is the creator of Chokarella, one of Haiti's most prominent digital media platforms, to promote creative expression while staying at the forefront of digital media technology and trends. Carel has pushed the boundaries regarding Haiti's digital media initiatives and is one of the leading forces behind subsequent breakouts like live streaming, podcasts, and other new tech waves sweeping the country.


One of the most notable things about Carel is his generous spirit. Whether through promoting education, raising awareness about Cancer, or helping on the ground after a disaster, Carel dedicates his resources and talents to positive change. He's an ambassador for Groupe de Support Contre le Cancer (GSCC) and a board member for Progress & Development (PRODEV HAITI) and Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP). He is also a TEDx speaker and is often invited to share his insights and experiences with audiences worldwide.


His enthusiasm and dedication make him an ideal representative for several brands in Haiti. Whether it's through social media, speaking at events, or participating in various campaigns, he continuously works to accurately convey the message of companies like Barbancourt, Groupe Sogebank, MSC Group, Digicel, and Brasserie Nationale.


Carel Pedre has been recognized for his contributions to the media field and his work promoting Haitian culture. He continues to be a leading figure in the Haitian media landscape, and his influence and impact on the country's culture and society cannot be overstated.


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