About Carel

Carel Pedre is a Haitian radio and TV personality, journalist, director, producer, and philanthropist. As the host of Radio One’s Chokarella (Creole for “Carel’s Show”) Haiti’s number one morning show, and the TV Shows “Kiyès Ki Towo A” and “Digicel Stars” Haiti’s number one talent search, Pedre has established himself as a key figure in Haiti’s entertainment industry.

When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, the island was completely cut off from the rest of the world. Pedre was instrumental in informing news outlets around the world of Haiti’s dire situation.  As a result, Pedre became Haiti’s de facto international media correspondent during the immediate post-disaster efforts, and was dubbed by French media as “The Eye of Haiti,” and “The Host with the Big Heart.” For his exceptional coverage of the post-disaster efforts, he was awarded the Humanitarian Shorty Award in 2012. Carel Pedre has continued his humanitarian efforts through the Sunday Project, a small grassroots food distribution program he started with close friends, which distributes food to children in Cité Soleil, one of Haiti’s most disadvantaged cities. 

The multi-hyphenate is the mastermind behind a number of innovative initiatives, namely the apps he has developed. Chokarella is the official mobile application for Pedre’s popular morning radio show, where users can live stream the radio show every morning, listen to the newest music, and watch the newest videos in the Haitian music industry. The Lokal app serves as a guide to discover all things Haitian: local attractions, local deals, local events, and local businesses. The most popular project is PleziKanaval, a website, TV show, and mobile app, which is the source for all news and updates surrounding Haiti’s Carnival. Through PleziKanaval, Pedre has revolutionized the way Haiti’s Carnival is presented to the world; inviting the global Haitian community and the rest of the world to participate in Carnival as they have never had before.

Pedre continues his work to “Innovate, Inform, and Inspire” through the “Take Over” series, where he leads intimate discussions with key leaders, entrepreneurs, and community activists about their contributions in the Haitian community.